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Hello, I'm Derplocked:)  I'm here for all your whovian questions.You can ask multiple ones, such as: "Who played the 4th Doctor?" and I would then answer "Tom Baker, you idiot" or,you may ask "How can I heal from a Dalek attack?" I would then answer "You don't, Daleks don't let you heal"


Dr Who

SoOoOo.............. WELCOME TO THE TARDIS. Just kidding, management won't let us have a TARDIS. Jerks. But, since we brought up the TARDIS, let's talk about that big and blue box.

The Doctors' TARDIS is a Type 40 TARDIS, more like the last Type 40 TARDIS. The name TARDIS isn't the original name for The Doctors box, his grand-daughter (and first companion) gave the name as intials for "Time and Relative Dimensions in Space" which may or may not be the original name.

The TARDIS is Dimensionally Transidential, meaning it's "Bigger on the Inside" ,as everyone but Clara points out when in the box. It also has no end to it. The TARDIS has a completly unknown number of rooms. Some people say the TARDIS has over a billion rooms, which seems correct if you've ever seen that one episode in season 7.

The Doctor always says he stole the TARDIS, but if you ask her, She stole a Timelord.The relationship between the two is pretty strange, mostly because she's a box and he's a Timelord:P

That's all I have to say.......BYEEEEE

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